Guardian Power Washing

Roofs & Gutters

Roof Cleaning

Have you noticed black stains on your roof?

The culprit is a strain of algae called Gloeocapsa magma. It is feeding on the lime in your shingles, reducing roof life, and hurting curb appeal and property value. We use a soft wash, zero pressure application technique to apply our proprietary roof cleaning formula. The result is a roof that looks brand new and will stay clean for years to come.
Guardian Power Washing uses a soft wash method for roof cleaning. This is a method where we rely on the use of specialty cleaning chemicals and very low pressure to safely and effectively clean your roof. Our experience and equipment allows us to use just the right amount of detergents, reducing the overall chemical usage for the job. This method is safer for the environment and your landscaping.


Soft-washing is a cleaning process which utilizes low pressure to deliver a customized cleaning solution, specially blended to meet the demands of each project. It differs from pressure washing in that the cleaning solution is applied at low pressure which will not harm or damage painted surfaces, shingles, wood, or vinyl siding. ​
The power of chemistry is what makes our Soft-wash process so effective. Different surfaces and different contaminants require different levels of “soft washing”. With each cleaning job we perform, our cleaning solution is custom mixed on site and applied. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to cleaning. We will customize a cleaning plan to maximize effectiveness while also keeping your cost as low as possible! ​
Some surfaces such as decking materials and concrete will require pressure to get the maximum “clean” effect. When this is the case, Guardian Power Washing is fully equipped with the latest in today’s pressure washing technology as well!

Gutter Cleaning

Let’s face it…no home owner enjoys the cleaning and maintenance of gutters! Over time, algae, mildew, air pollutants, and tar will dirty your gutters, causing unsightly stripes. ​ ​
Guardian Power Washing is one of the most often-overlooked but crucial aspects of home maintenance. Water weighs about eight pounds per gallon, and if you don’t have your gutters cleaned, this weight can start to either break your gutters or leak into your house, causing wood rot, basement flooding, siding damage, and a host of other problems.


  • Cost effective
  • Efficient and expedient – most jobs completed in one day
  • Brightens most surfaces to near original brilliance
  • Sanitizes and deodorizes, leaving that “freshly cleaned” smell
  • Safe! Our process uses biodegradable solutions to clean your project.